2018 Jessup International Competition


The Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition. Thousands of law students from around the world compete in a fictional dispute between two countries and students present oral and written arguments on a hypothetical international law case. Each year has a new compromis with new issues regarding international law.

Design Summary
The use of color and gradients separate each side of the story in a unique, but relevant way. Extremely subtle elements throughout hint at the territorial sea by the use of grids, maps and a directional compass.

Although the key elements, The Egart and The Ibra, are the primary focus of the story, a large component of the treaty takes place above the water as much as within it. Rakaruku's dominant military and diplomatic power is showcased by the large Navy vessels emerging from the sunset, with the Egart and the Ibra below.

Anduchenca is represented by the nuclear-armed submarine shadowed by the blue gradient water. Subtle sketches of nuclear material is hidden among the water where the submarine emerges from the dark. The underwater spy vehicle is shown alongside the submarine.

Rakaruku's power is displayed by the dominating Navy fleet and the AUV roaming the waters, while Anduchenca, a developing country, is represented by the submarine (The Ibra) and it's nuclear capabilities which are symbolized by the sketches that signify progress and a desire to gain power.