2017 Jessup International Competition

Branding Project  |  Graphis Award Winner

The Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition. Thousands of law students from around the world compete in a fictional dispute between two countries and students present oral and written arguments on a hypothetical international law case. Each year has a new compromis with new issues regarding international law.

Split Sisters
The key issues addressed by the compromis are highlighted in each element of this design. The story is brought to life by the division of two faces symbolizing a conflict between sistering countries. The quiet and subtle grey fonts allow for the faces of these women to be the ultimate focal point. Using a combination of serif and san-serif fonts, as well as the use of complementary cold and warm colors, play into the dramatic effect created by the tone of seriousness in the womens’ faces.

Atania’s landscape of sandstone canyons and the worsening conditions of drought are awakened through a double exposure effect masked across the face of Teppa, the warrior leader of Clan Kin.

In contrast to the dry lands of Atania, Rahad is represented by tumultuous waves of water crashing against Queen Teresa Savali, who assured Atania that Rahad was committed to preserving and protecting the shared freshwater resources of the Nomad Coast.