2016 Jessup International Competition

Branding Project  |  Graphis Award Winner

The Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition. Thousands of law students from around the world compete in a fictional dispute between two countries and students present oral and written arguments on a hypothetical international law case.

Each year has a new compromis with new issues regarding international law. The 2016 compromis outlined two neighboring states, Amestonia and Reisland, currently at odds based on events related to international broadcasting laws, and the legality of cyber-surveillance and government funded spying. Meanwhile, there is an eco-terrorist movement motivated by the destruction of the Amestonian bee population using neuro-active insecticides.

Encrypting evidence
These designs highlight the juxtaposition between two opposing countries. The key issues addressed by the compromis are highlighted by elements that bring the story to life. Each graphic element represents fundamental concepts that weigh in on the conflicting viewpoints of these neighboring countries. The threat to Amestonia’s economic prosperity is brought to life by the hive outlines, which symbolize the significant role agriculture plays, alongside the biochemical element, which represents the detrimental effects the insecticides have on the growth of the country.

The issue of cyber security is symbolized by elements such as the fingerprint, which highlight aspects of cyber surveillance and accessing encrypted data, raising the question of whether information was legally obtained. The encryption code suggests that the conflict is based around the idea of information being stolen rather than legally accessed, where the “points of contact” question whether Reisland had the lawful right to access this data in the first place.

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