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My name is Sarah and I have over 7+ years of design experience in digital design and branding. My design aesthetic is clean, modern, sophisticated and graphic. I am drawn towards minimalistic, carefully thought through shapes and colors, but with juxtaposition between subtle elements and bold expressions.

I am inspired to utilize my talents and experiences to mold brands in a way that serves a mission and a purpose. I love to create cutting-edge, forward thinking digital work and see projects from the initial briefing through to completion. I have a desire to always continue learning, and I enjoy problem solving through a collaborative team effort. From responsive website design and branding, to conceptualizing and designing logos, advertising and marketing campaigns, I apply creative thinking to solve business problems. I am fascinated by brands and advertising, and enjoy keeping up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques, tools and materials.

Responsive Design

Fluid and flexible layouts that adjust based on screen size and orientation

UX/UI Design

Enhancing user satisfaction by providing a user-friendly interaction

Visual Identity

Visible elements, such as color, form, and shape, to convey a symbolic meaning


Creating a name, symbol and design that identifies and differentiates

Logo Development

Creating recognizable graphic design elements through a name or symbol

Print Design

Magazine layouts, book covers, catalogs, greeting cards, packaging and textile prints


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